February 2, 2023

The very special Boris Johnson

British politicians have difficulties in defining the Anglo-American political relationship; some call it the special relationship. Remarkable is not only the difference between Labour and Tory views but also Boris Johnson’s argument.

When Jeremy Corbyn was asked by ITV’s Robert Peston on Sunday whether the relationship with the US was Britain’s most important, he said,

“No. I think there are many important relationships.”

Boris Johnson hits back in an interview with the Guardian newspaper:

“For Jeremy Corbyn to say that this relationship doesn’t matter, is I think insanity, and irresponsible.”

Interesting is that Johnson twists “an important relationship” into “the relationship does not matter”. Johnson tries to manipulate the audience. One has to remember carefully on what has been said to avoid being misled.

Astonishing is however, while there is a consensus that the relationship with the USA is important, that Johnson needlessly cancels this consensus and considers the insignificance of such an international relationship possibly being a mainstream view.