February 2, 2023

Make America great again

The USA is a great country. The richest country on earth, leader of the free world, a trailblazer for capitalism and globalization, an investment center with a strong currency, with resilient and creative people.

In this light, it is difficult to understand what Donald Trump means when he says make America great again.

With his attacks on democratic institutions and their representatives in the USA, the free press, minorities, refugees, friends and allies, international institutions and multilateral agreements, he is weakening the USA politically and economically, its reputation, credibility and influence in the world, and makes the world a less safe place. His discourse on nationalism, isolationism and chronic scapegoating comes at a high cost.

Trump is on a slippery slope of bigotry and falsehood, and set to leave an appalling legacy for others to clean up.

So, Trump’s slogan needs more clarity:

“Make America great again. Once I’m gone.”