December 4, 2022

The General Election and Brexit

The outcome of the general election might calm the ardour of some for a hard Brexit.

Paul Mason in his comment in the Guardian provides an interesting analysis of politics and capitalism saying that the British ruling elite and the business class have diverging interests, with regards of Brexit but also beyond, in the running of the country:

The British ruling elite […] have become middle men for a global elite of hedge fund managers, property speculators, kleptocrats, oil sheikhs and crooks.

His Marxism-oriented approach might however appear somewhat antagonistic to capitalism.

It should not distract from accepting that capitalism is the worldwide economic system, and for many good reasons. From this angle, the view becomes then much clearer on some major excesses in capitalism and globalization. Free riders abuse the system to increase the wealth gap in their favour which causes society risk losing trust in the economic system and democracy.

Exposing and remediate such excesses are crucial to protect the economy and democracy.