February 2, 2023

The British government at the G20 summit

The British government becomes increasingly erratic which can be seen by its four main objectives for the G20 summit:

  • a crackdown on terrorist financing;
  • the global migration issue;
  • modern slavery; and
  • “making the global economy work for everyone”

Climate change is disruptive

It is quite disconcerting that the government has left out climate change as this will in all probability become the dominant root cause for social and political disruptions.

The lack of water alone can destroy livelihoods, and cause conflict, displacement and migration.

The EU and the UK were recently completely overwhelmed by a few million refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq and Africa. There is not much hope that they will cope any better once tens of millions knock at our doors.

Hence, climate change does not deserve heads in the sand.

The Brexit economy

While the British government is getting increasingly busy to come to grips with the exit from the EU, the British economy and its place in the world become less certain.

The government puts itself in a position where it sees no other way than cosying up to autocratic countries and unsavoury leaders. Some of them like Saudi Arabia and Turkey finance the spread of religion as a political weapon. This can divide societies, destabilise countries and lead to terrorism.