March 30, 2023

British Brexit press loses the plot

With the high court ruling that the British government has to consult parliament on triggering article 50, British pro-Brexit newspapers go into tailspin.

They miserably fail in explaining the ruling and its reasons to their readers.

They seemingly don’t like the verdict and mindlessly attack the judiciary and the judges instead (Daily Mail: “enemies of the people”, The Daily Telegraph: “The judges versus the people”).

They ignore one of the most fundamental truths of democracy:

The constitution protects citizens from politicians.

It should not take a high or supreme court to establish that government politicians cannot abuse their power at will to the detriment of citizens and parliament.

By keeping this simple fact in mind while reading these news articles and comments, one can appreciate line by line to what extent the rightwing pro-Brexit press is antidemocratic, undermines the rule of law, and promotes hate.