February 2, 2023

Brexit’s best kept secret

Brexit’s best kept secret is that nobody voted to leave. But to leave the EU.

Check the referendum question:

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union
or leave the European Union?”

Thus, the majority voted to leave the EU. Leaving the EU means leaving one legal framework for another one.

The difference lies between a transitive and an intransitive verb.

When politicians say that the majority voted to leave (intransitive), they try to imply and justify that the vote was for a no deal Brexit. Nothing is further from the truth.

When the prime minister says that she is determined to deliver what people voted for, this would mean that she would work towards developing an alternative legal framework that is supported by a large majority of citizens. Nothing is further from reality. She made up her arbitrary red lines without consulting others or trying to reach any consensus.

If the prime minister, and any Brexiteer for that matter, were determined to deliver what people voted for, they would have worked towards a future relationship with the EU the last three years with proposals a meaningful debate, to reach a consensus and eventually a plan. None of this has happened. We are still waiting for any meaningful proposal in any detail beyond a speech or newspaper article.

That is why there is no plan.

No one is a bigger threat to Brexit than the prime minister and the Brexiteers.