December 4, 2022

Brexit Nihilism

In the EU referendum, 52% voted to replace EU red tape by British red tape.

Ever since, complacent Brexiteers did not respect the leave vote. They did not work towards implementing the leave vote. They did nothing meaningful towards defining the future EU relationship. They ignored the call to action by voters.

No detailed proposals were submitted. No details on the destination or the journey. No details on the thousands of rules and regulations that should be replaced or kept.

There was no debate that could have resulted in country-wide consensus what Brexit means and how it should be implemented.

That is why there still is no plan by any Brexiteer.

Nor the government. The PM’s plan is as thin as her randomly chosen red lines. There is no substance.

This leaves the Brexit ideas hollow. This leaves the leave votes stranded. Three years wasted.

→ Taking back control. Meaningless.

→ Leaving the single market. Meaningless.

→ Leaving the customs union. Meaningless.

→ Leave vote. Meaningless.

→ Brexit. Meaningless.